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What parents are saying:

“Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp was fantastic for my daughter. After her first summer of multiple camps, she requested only Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp for the following year.  Griffin’s silly antics with the girls keep them laughing while being active and having fun. We'll continue to refer friends who are looking for a casual and active half-day camp to Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp.” ~ Adrienne Bell, mom of 6 year old

"We are so thankful that our daughter was able to participate in Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp. She had a wonderful time and loved every bit of it. We really appreciate that they keep the days simple and fun, that the atmosphere is non-competitive and encouraging, and that they offer a half-day program with a small group atmosphere. They also did a great job of communicating with the parents (which isn't always the case at other camps)." ~ Jessica Varney, mom of 8 year old


"Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp has been a sweet camp for my girls to attend. It’s some soccer time, focusing on fostering a love for the game through fun play, paired with some down time where kids can do crafts and enjoy being together. We're glad they have a head female coach because all of their previous coaches have been male. The camp feels laid back in its structure, which is a welcome thing for us in summertime, and my girls are well attended by some really kind, responsible folks. It’s the most reasonably priced camp in town too." ~ Kim H, mom of 5 and 8 year olds

"My daughter had a great experience at Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp. She had fun, stayed active, and made friends - all the things kids hope for from camp. I also had a great experience with the staff, who were all extremely thoughtful and concerned for each of the girl's enjoyment and satisfaction with camp. It was refreshing to have Stacey Curnow, the director, reach out mid-week asking how camp was going and for any feedback, positive or negative. I can tell she leads this camp with professionalism and the highest integrity." ~ Terri Wells, mom of 8 year old

"My daughter loved everything about the Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp. She stated, 'It was the 'best week of my life.' She made new friends, learned how to play a good game of soccer, and woke up early every morning to go start her day. I truly believe she would be ecstatic if she knew she could continue to be a part of this team throughout the year. This camp gave her the opportunity to see what it’s like to be a part of a team and opened her up to seeking out more team sports. I thank you so much for you taking the time to work with these girls and get them out and active and having a blast!" ~ Cheryl Hall, mom of 8 year old


"Thanks so much for a great week at Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp! My daughter came home glowing every day from all the fun she had at camp. She has grown in confidence and skill through this program! The camp is well-organized, encouraging to all skill levels, and so much fun. She can't wait for next year!" ~Sallie Porter, mom of 7 year old

"Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp has given my daughter such confidence in her budding athletic abilities. She loved learning new skills each day. I'm grateful for the opportunity she had to meet new friends and grow socially as well. This is the perfect combination between learning and playing. We can’t wait until next year!" ~ Melissa Henry, mom of 8 year old

"Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp provided a fun, nurturing, low-pressure environment for my daughter to develop her interest in soccer, as well as a mix of other fun activities. Thanks for a great week!" ~ Carla Seidl, mom of 6 year old

“My daughter’s week at Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp was an exceptional one. She hopped out of bed every morning, eager to be with her camp leaders and new friends. The environment was positive, encouraging, and fun — everything you would hope a camp would be. We look forward to multiple sessions of Sparkle Girl next summer.” ~ Brook van der Linde, mom of 7 year old


"This was a great first real experience with soccer for our daughter! I hope she wants to continue playing! Thank you so much. Great camp!" ~ Emily DeSerio, mom of 6 year old


"My daughter says that the coaches are awesome!" ~ Jane Anne Dempsey, mom of 8 year old


"Our daughter loved the Sparkle Girl Camp!  All the staff were so caring and kind and made sure she had a fun and positive experience.  Thank you so much for doing this!" ~ Doreen Garris, mom of 5 year old


"My girls loved the camp! After they finished their session at Sparkle Girl Soccer Camp we as a family went camping and they spent the entire week juggling the soccer ball and playing one-on-one." ~ Dianna Nickell, mom of 9 and 5 year olds


"My daughter loved playing soccer but talked mostly about Griffin, crafts, Griffin, the rainy-day movie, Griffin, the other girls, water fun, and Griffin!" ~ Lisa Mattox, mom of 7 year old


"Evie liked learning about heading and juggling, having arts and crafts time, and the popsicles." ~ Bonnie Millar, mom of 8 year old

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